Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy week on the Morning Espresso

Join Jenn & Brian this week for some fun & informative guests on the Morning Espresso.

Tuesday at 7:30 AM - Find out who Chris Sligh thinks will take this season's Idol when he joins us.

Tuesday at 9 AM - Talking with Gary Smalley about the upcoming "I Promise" marriage conference coming to Mt. Hope Church in Lansing.

Wednesday at 9 AM - Talking with Daren Streblow about the Stand Up & Smile comedy series

Thursday at 9 AM - Trevor with Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK) joins us for a chat

Friday at 9 AM - Checking in with Jeremy & Jennifer from FFH

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Anonymous said...

Ben Carlson recently passed away and my church is having his funeral this thursday. He was 18 and battled cancer for 2 yrs. The nite he died we opened up our church so that anyone that knew him could come and pray for him and his family well we didnt expect so many teens from gwinn high school to come but they came in droves that night. 27 teens were saved that night and its all because of Ben and our dear Savior. Ben might have only been here for 18 short years but he made an impact on our community he made a differance here. We miss and love you Ben.