Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mother's Day...for the rest of us

Mike Atkinson with 'Mikeys Funnies' writes:

"Since I lost my mom to cancer 14 years ago and my daughter-in-law lost Jacob
Michael in childbirth a couple of years ago, I'm especially sensitive to
those who won't enjoy it. That's why I've collected this page as a resource
for others, to help you understand the great number of people who experience
pain, not joy, on Mother's Day.

I've received some impassioned responses from people over the years that brings me pause before Mother's Day. In the midst of a weekend enjoyed by so many women with kids (including my own), there are so many who are not enjoying it - but wish they were. I'll let them speak for themselves":

[Church Leaders...Please pass this around to your staff!]

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