Friday, May 08, 2009

Winners of Make Mom An MVP contest

Congratulations to the winners of Smile FM's "Make Your Mom An MVP" contest. The winners will get front row seats at the DownHere concert with special guests Thicker Than Water this Mother's Day, May 10th, 6 PM at Bristol Road Church of Christ in Flint.

The winners had these great things to say about why their mom's were special:

Jon of Burton: She is always willing to listen to me when I need a supportive ear.

Sean of Leslie: My mom, a mother of 4 worked hard for over 15 years as a medical transcriptionist to help support her family. In 1994 my mother was in a terrible accident with my 3 younger siblings, she fell asleep at the wheel and hit atelephone poll. Thank God she and my siblings survived. Shortly after my motherwas diagnosed with a severe sleep disorder, narcolepsy. Since her diagnosis her condition has gotten significantly worse. She has developed clinical depression,and has had several suicide attempts. By the grace of God, she has survived and with prayer and determination she is getting better. My mother is always there for me, no matter how depressed or tired she is, she is truly my rock.

Debbie of Grand Blanc: My mom was extra special cause she raised me to not be ashamed of myfaith. I saw her battle breast cancer and know that whatever the Lord's will, shewould be in heaven celebrating with the angels. She went home to be with Him in 1984after a 10 month battle, and I still miss her, but I know someday, I'll be with her!I am sure she would be praising Jesus at the concert, but she gets to do it live inheaven!

Shannon Marie of Flint: She is TOTALLY SELFLESS, totally - a beautiful teacher and stong as amountain! She is beautiful , very funny! and a TRUE disciple of our Lord Jesus. Sheis the rock and doesn't even realize it ! What a blessed example to everyone she is!

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