Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An open letter to Tim Tebow

This was written by a Christian radio station DJ in Florida, but we thought it was well-written and challenging.



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dan miller said...

I read Jeff's letter and all the cooments to it. I am having difficulty processing what my feelings are on the letter. I can appreciate his encouragement to Tim, and reminding him to find rest in God's grace when he falls. Here is the trouble I have with it. Assuming Tim is under a lot of pressuer to please his Christian fans, to me makes the assumption that Tim is trying to play up to the expectation of man. I do not think that is the case. A quarterback in the NFL is always under great pressure and scrutiny to win. It's the nature of the business. Second, it seems like Jeff is also being openly critical and judgemental of believers who have chosen to support Tim. I am a fully suurendered Christ follower who also happens to be a huge sports fan. The sports community is generally wired to support the underdog, and I think this plays a huge part in what we are seeing here. I love that God has given Tim a huge platform to proclaim his faith and proclaim the love of Jesus, but quite frankly that does not mean I have made Tim my Jesus by any stretch. Only one God sent His only son as an atoning sacrifice. I love God and Jesus with all my heart, and I don't think supporting Tim Tebow diminishes that. Just my two cents.