Friday, March 08, 2019

LISTEN! Dan Dean of Phillips, Craig & Dean joins Josh Strickland

Dan Dean of Phillips, Craig & Dean reveals shocking, exclusive, never-before-shared news as he chats with Josh Strickland ahead of a couple Michigan performances!  The pair talk PCD life after 26 years!

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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Go VIP at FaithFest - #FaithLoveSmileFM

**This contest has ended.**


Happy Valentine's Day from Smile FM and FaithFest 2019!

We've got your chance to go VIP to FaithFest 2019 on June 22nd at St. Francis Retreat Center and get a PRIVATE, ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE BY JASON GRAY singing "More Like Falling In Love" while you're eating a PRIVATE, CATERED DINNER!

All you have to do is post to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) about FaithFest.  You can just give your friends the facts or you can encourage them go join you at FaithFest or you can link to a Matt Mahar, Jason Gray or Tenth Avenue North video or the FaithFest website or the Smile FM website -- we just want you to show FaithFest some love!

Here's the catch!  You MUST INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #FaithLoveSmileFM

The hashtag is your official entry into the contest!  If you don't include it just like it's written above, we won't know that you're trying to win!

So, go on, tell your friends about FaithFest on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or ALL of them.  And you can do it as many times as you want and each time you do it you increase your chances of becoming a finalist.

Finalists will be randomly chosen next week on Wednesday.  We'll give all finalists tickets to FaithFest and on Thursday (Valentine's Day) we'll announce the GRAND PRIZE VIP WINNER!

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!  Now get out there and show FaithFest some love!

**Save 20% through February 15th when you buy FaithFest tickets and use the promo code "SMILE!"**

Tuesday, January 08, 2019


This contest has ended but more chances to win are coming.  Keep listening!


All this week, Strickland's talking to Winter Jam artists and giving POP QUIZZES that could put tickets in your hand!  LISTEN TO WIN!

Winter Jam 360 -- in the round in Grand Rapids, January 18th and Ypsilanti, February 17th!

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LISTEN! Mandisa joins Strickland!

Mandisa joined Josh Strickland to talk about coming "Out of the Dark" after a difficult season in her life. Her new album brings a new perspective, she says.

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LISTEN! Jen Ledger joins Strickland!

Jen Ledger joined Josh Strickland to talk about her dream of being a hairdresser and her unexpected reality of becoming the drummer for Skillet and now a solo career!

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LISTEN! Michael Tait from Newsboys joins Strickland!

Michael Tait of Newsboys joined Josh Strickland to talk about the recent Newsboys United shows in Grand Rapids and Flint and the 2019 Winter Jam Tour in Grand Rapids and Ypsilanti.

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LISTEN! Joel from for KING & COUNTRY joins Strickland!

Joel from for KING & COUNTRY joined Josh Strickland to talk life, the new album and Little Drummer Boy - The Christmas Tour.

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