Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Glowing Pickle

Hey this is the perfect time to start doing stuff like this outdoors!

This really does work! We tried it. You can impress your kids with this one.

When a high voltage is applied across a pickle the pickle will emit a yellow glow.

One extension chord
2 nails
A pickle

Cut off the end of extension chord, and split the wires. (Make sure extension is not plugged in yet) Wrap each wire around 1 nail, spread them out so they don't touch each other. Then stick a nail into each end of the pickle. (Make sure nails don't touch.)

Plug in chord
Make sure no one is touching the pickle.
Wait a few minutes
Notice the pickle begins to steam.
Then it begins to flash bright yellow at one end.

Looks best at night

Make sure there is always adult supervision

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