Wednesday, February 28, 2018

MUST-READ: Father of Toledo Teen That Made Threat Against Her School Expresses Sorrow, Promises To Get Her Help

The father of a Toledo teen who made a threat against her school recently posted this sorrowful note to Facebook late Tuesday night, February 27th.  His daughter, who is 16, "made a horrible stupid mistake that she will pay for the rest of her life," he wrote, before saying "I will get her all the help she needs [and] I will continue to pray for her [and] I have no doubt she will one day do great things."

From the Tenth Avenue North song "You Are More," the lyrics: "You are more than the choices that you've made, You are more than the sum of your past mistakes, You are more than the problems you create..."
Read Quenton C.'s full note here:

I was advised to say nothing, post nothing!! I can't do it! I as a father, I can't hold back anymore. First i need to say I am SO SO sorry for the horrible thing MY daughter did. The complete chaos n the scare she caused. I was 1 of the parents that was worried n feared to send my kids to school Friday. I was scared pissed n upset just as every parent in WLSD was. When I learned that it was MY daughter (N trust me when i say this was the SCARIEST learning experience OF MY LIFE) I was in complete shock n disbelief, I also was angry n my heart was hurt, still is. Not just for my daughter but for every parent n teenager n child that she affected. I feel horrible n so does she. I can not express in words how sorry I am. I as her dad am just as responsible as she is. To those who truly know me understand that I am not the kinda parent that doesn't give a shit! I actually posted on FB "to the parent of the kid who did this pay attention to ur child.....
............... well u can imagine how i felt at 2:30 when the FBI TPD n SWAT kicked my door in n threw my kids, my mother n myself to the ground with machine guns. Which is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO. To the WLSD the TPD the FBI well done, I feel alot safer knowing how quickly n well the job was done. Again my heart goes out to every one affected by this, and I am very truly SORRY. WITH that said .... my KILEY... She is an amazing beautiful young lady who made A HORRIBLE STUPID MISTAKE that she will pay for the REST of her life. She also is very sorry n she understands what she did n the panic chaos n fear she caused. She is very hurt n also concerned about every one she affected. She had no ideal that the stupid social media post she made would cause all this. And words also cannot express how SORRY she is. IN NO WAY AM I DEFENDING HER NO TRYING TO JUSTIFY WHAT SHE DID. I FEEL SHE SHOULD BE PUNISHED N SHE WILL BE. I am just speaking as a dad. She is my little girl n I will ALWAYS STAND BYE HER SIDE. I will get her all the help she needs n I will continue to pray for her n I have NO doubt she will one day do great things. It is very hard to stay quiet while people bash my kid n myself , although I don't blame you. I understand exactly why every one is upset. I just ask that you please try to understand were I am coming from also that i have younger kids who also attend schools in WLSD who were affected as well as my family. Understand that everyone makes mistakes n Kiley made a HUGE one.
God Bless

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