Wednesday, November 24, 2010

88.3 FM in Hart, MI is ON THE AIR!

Smile FM Radio Network Smile FM #18 is ON THE AIR in Hart, MI on 88.3 FM. Anybody in Hart, Ludington or N. Muskegon that could tell us how the signal is coming in? WSMZ 88.3 FM broadcasts from the tower shown below, at 656 feet above terrain (photo courtesy: Tom Bosscher)



Unknown said...

I live in Muskegon. I noticed when I was coming back home from Thanksgiving break, that I can mostly get the station now. I have to fight with 88.5 (WGVS), so it comes in statically or with the other songs in background sometimes. But I love that I can hear it now!! Just depends on what part of the city I'm in to how well I can hear it.

Anonymous said...

Just found your station last night when trying to find music to adjust my attitude and soul. Praise God! Signal comes in great. Look forward to listening for a long time now. Thank You and Thanks be to God.

Scottville , Mich.