Saturday, June 30, 2012

What makes your Summer Happy?

What is it that makes your Summer Happy?  Days at the beach?  Working in the Garden?  Extra time with the kiddos??  A trip to the waterpark?  Share your ideas and let's all have a Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8 Ways to keep your church from growing

This article was great. We found it here.

1. When newcomers arrive, be sure to ignore them. Don't bother to
greet them, introduce yourself, or give any sort of recognition that
they exist. They may feel welcome if you do and return next Sunday.
What congregation needs that?

2. When visitors arrive in tattered clothes, jeans, sandals, or
(gasp!) shorts, be sure to look them up and down disapprovingly.
You're dressed to kill, and everyone knows God wants us to spend lots
of money on fine clothing and fancy jewelry. How dare they presume to
worship our Lord when they are not dressed in proper attire?

3. When newcomers accidentally sit in "your seat" give them icy
looks. You've been sitting there for years and everyone in the
congregation knows it. What gives newcomers the right to sit there?
They belong in the back row of the church with the rest of the sinners!

4. When the offering plate is passed and the visitors decline to
contribute, give them more condescending looks. Never mind that the
father is unemployed, the mother is disabled, and they don't know how
they are going to feed the kids the rest of the week.

5. When the church service is over, be sure to gather together in
your cliques, and hurry out to the local buffet without inviting the
visitors. They might actually be able to hold an interesting
conversation and add new life to your stale gatherings. Heaven forbid!

6. Make suggestions to the pastor to improve the church and its
programs. When he says that's a great idea and gives you the
go-ahead, do absolutely nothing and wonder why nothing gets done.

7. Squabble among yourselves over things that don't really matter,
like what color to paint the sanctuary or who is going to make the
peach cobbler for the next church dinner. It's what you want that
matters, who cares what anyone else thinks? Create rifts and
divisions as much as possible over insignificant details.

8. Let the pastor do all the work; isn't that his job? He only works
an hour or two on Sunday. He should have plenty of free time to write
a sermon, greet visitors, maintain the building, mind the budget,
teach the Sunday School, manage the youth group, visit the sick,
counsel congregants, make the post-visit calls, and implement
outreach programs. Be sure to lay all the blame at his feet as your
church building falls apart and the congregation dwindles.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Diceman's controversial statement

After reading this article on baseball player Josh Hamilton, and all of his struggles being a Christian and playing baseball, and struggling with alcoholism.. The Diceman made this statement on the air today,
I seem to identify with Christians who struggle more than those who "have the victory".
What do you think?

Point Fest - 9/15 @ Cedar Point

Join Smile FM for Pointfest at Cedar Point on Saturday, September 15th.

Featuring music from:

Francesca Battestili
Jamie Grace
Royal Tailor
speaker - Bob Lenz

Tickets include admission to the park, plus the great music and ministry!  Link to Pointfest from

Brian & Dennis from Smile FM will be on hand with the Smile Charging station, Prize Wheel and great Smile Merch.

Unity Christian Music Festival

Join Smile FM for the Unity Christian Music Festival in Muskegon.  It's August 8th to 11th featuring some of the top Christian music artists including:

Chris Tomlin
Phil Joel
The City Harmonic
 Dara Maclean
 Building 429
Matt Maher
Steven Curtis Chapman
Chase Callahan
Matthew West

Smile FM will be there each evening with Smile Merch, Cell Charging station and ever popular Prize Wheel.
Gates open Wed, Thur & Friday at 4 PM and Saturday at 2 PM.  Wednesday's show is completely FREE.  Single day passes are $20 and full festival passes are $50 with kids 5 and Under free with paid adult.  Link to at

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sanctus Real Bus Fire!

Just this past weekend, the band, Sanctus Real survived a fire that destroyed their tour bus. According to a statement from the band, the bus was riding along the Pennsylvania Turnpike around 4 a.m. Sunday when the driver noticed flames in the side mirror. The band was headed toward Mitchellville, Maryland where a performance was scheduled. Band members Matt Hammitt, Chris Rohman, Dan Gartley, Pete Prevost, and Mark Graalman as well the band's family, including four children, quickly evacuated the bus, resulting in no injuries. The abrupt exit did not allow the bus occupants to grab any personal belongings before the fire became out of control. "As a result, everything was destroyed in the fire, from clothing to laptops, cell phones, and wallets," said a statement.  A fund has been set up for people who want to help.  Donations accepted here.


Friday, June 01, 2012

Go Fish Getaway Winners

Grand Prize Winners:  4 Passes to the show, Overnight Hotel Stay, Meet N Greet and an Autographed Gold Fish!
Gary Hull
Jason Fuller

2 Tickets to the show of their choice:

Jeff Perkins
Trisa Sessions
Amber Ruhstorfer
Heather Reddick
Frances Hubbard
Sarah Whitson
Stacie Schell
Michelle Garn
Aimee Ferris
Debra Wells

Go Fish DVD:

Kelly Whitt
Wendy McNamara
Rebekah Taratuta
Sarah Nadort
Jodie Hunt
Doug Scott
Marsha Johnson
Sara Behm
Stacey Ballinger
Jessica Lindsay

Go Fish Cd:

Rachel Onore
Sarah Nadort
Emily Schlorf
Tabitha McAuley
Kristen O' Brien
Amanda Cote
Debbie Wells
Robin Webb
Mandy Moebius
Mattkadee Kidd
Stacey Ballinger