Monday, June 27, 2011

Making a Difference Morning Show Tour

This August Jenn & Brian will be taking the Morning Espresso show on the road with the Making a Difference Tour. They will be visiting 7 different ministries that are truly Making a Difference in Michigan. Each day the Morning Espresso tour will broadcast from their community, serve along side that ministry throughout the day and then provide a benefit concert that evening with Smile FM artist Jeremy Horn. Nominations have been completed and the tour schedule will be announced on Monday, July 18th at 7:20 AM on the Morning Espresso.

The Making a Difference tour is sponsored by Great Lakes Christian College of Lansing.

How to avoid moral failure

Wow!  This is refrigerator material.   5 easy things to do, to avoid moral failure by Pastor Shawn King/Atlanta.

1.. Multiple people have access to every account I own and check them often: Twitter (public and private tweets), Facebook, Email, etc.

Secrecy and privacy are the breeding ground for moral failure.  When we are confident that nobody will see our ugly side, it is much more tempting to dibble dabble in craziness.   If (former) Congressman Anthony Weiner knew that several aides were checking his Direct Messages, his inbox, etc. it would have been far less likely that his current scandal would have happened.

2. My wife is busy, but I regularly leave my cell phone with her when I’m not around. She looks at it.  She’s not obsessed with it, but I think she checks it out with a healthy level of skepticism.  Her skepticism does not irritate me.  She and I have seen friends and mentors and leaders walk right into the worst types of moral failure.  This level of transparency builds trust.

3. I generally don’t meet with any single person (male or female) privately anymore. I will meet with couples or small groups in my office, but now hold more meetings in restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

4. I stay with my family. We travel together as much as possible.  We run errands together.  We eat out together.  We go shopping together.  We stay home together.  Very rarely am I alone without one of the kids or my wife.  This keeps my mind centered, but also prevents me from having idle time that leads many folk to an unhealthy place.

5. I keep pictures of my wife and kids everywhere (particularly my son EZ) on the wallpaper of my cell phone, in my office, on the walls, on my desks, etc.  They serve as a constant reminder for me why I should have a good work ethic and fight to make healthy moral decisions.  I didn’t grow up with a dad that set a good example and I so badly want to be that guy for my son that his pictures always keep me focused and centered

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Best Diets

Jenn & Brian talked about the best diets for different health aspects such as losing weight, healthier hearts, diabeties and blood pressure. See all the ratings here!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Get Your SMILE GEAR on this Summer!

Smile Fans: check out our new Smile Gear that will be premiering at the Big Ticket Festival and other great Smile events all summer long. Proceeds from the sale of these items go to helping us continue to Build Families, Touch Hearts, & Change Lives.

The purple shirt's design GLOWS in the dark. The black shirt features a silvery ink. The purple glowsticks turn on & off and have pen-style clip & laynard so you don't loose it. Watch this blog for more items in the upcoming days!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sarah Palin’s email to her family from God…

You've probably heard in the news that they are going through all of Sarah Palin's emails and letting the world see them.  You might not have heard about this one.  A few years ago Sarah found out from her doctor that her unborn baby was going to have "downs syndrome" she wrote this email to her family and friends.  It is powerful as she writes it from God's point of view.


To the Sisters, Brother, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and friends of Trig Paxson Van Palin (or whatever you end up naming him!)


I am blessing you with this surprise baby because I only want the best for you. I've heard your prayers that this baby will be happy and

healthy, and I've answered them because I only want the best for you!


I heard your heart when you hinted that another boy would fit best in the Palin family, to round it out and complete that starting five

line-up. Though another girl would be so nice, you didn't think you could ask for what you REALLY wanted, but I knew, so I gave you a boy because I only want the best for you!


Then, I put the idea in your hearts that his name should be "Trig", because it's so fitting, with two Norse meanings: "True" and "Brave



Then, finally, I let Trig's mom and dad find out before he was born that this little boy will truly be a GIFT. They were told in early

tests that Trig may provide more challenges, and more joy, than what they ever may have imagined or ever asked for. At first the news seemed unreal and sad and confusing. But I gave Trig's mom and dad lots of time to think about it because they needed lots of time to understand that everything will be OK, in fact, everything will be great, because I only want the best for you!


I've given Trig's mom and dad peace and joy as they wait to meet their new son. I gave them a happy anticipation because they asked me for that. I'll give all of you the same happy anticipation and strength to deal with Trig's challenges, but I won't impose on you...


This new person in your life can help everyone put things in perspective and bind us together and get everyone focused on what

really matters.


The baby will expand your world and let you see and feel things you haven't experienced yet. He'll show you what "true, brave victory" really means as those who love him will think less about self and focus less on what the world tells you is "normal" or "perfect". You will grow and be blessed with greater understanding that will be born along with Trig.


Every child is created special, with awesome purpose and amazing potential. Children are the most precious and promising ingredient in

this mixed up world you live in down there on earth. Trig is no different, except he has one extra chromosome. Doctors call it "Down's Syndrome", and Downs kids have challenges, but can bring you much delight and more love than you can ever imagine! Just wait and

see, let me prove this, because I only want the best for you!


Some of the rest of the world may not want him, but take comfort in that because the world will not compete for him. Take care of him and

he will always be yours!


Trig's mom and dad don't want people to focus on the baby's extra chromosome. They're human, so they haven't known how to explain this to people who are so caring and are interested in this new little Alaskan. Sarah and Todd want people to share in the joy of this gift I'm giving

to the Palin family, and the greater Alaska family. Many people won't understand... and I understand that. Some will think Trig should not be allowed to be born because they fear a Downs child won't be considered "perfect" in your world. (But tell me, what do you earthlings consider "perfect" or even "normal" anyway? Have you peeked down any grocery store isle, or school hallway, or into your office

lunchroom lately? Or considered the odd celebrities you celebrate as "perfect" on t.v.? Have you noticed I make 'em all shapes and sizes?

Believe me, there is no "perfect"!)


Many people will express sympathy, but you don't want or need that, because Trig will be a joy. You will have to trust me on this.


I know it will take time to grasp this and come to accept that I only want the best for you, and I only give my best. Remember though: "My

ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts... for as the heavens are higher than the earth, my ways are higher than yours!"


I wrote that all down for you in the Good Book! Look it up! You claim that you believe me – now it's time to live out that belief!


Trig's Creator, Your Heavenly Father




Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smile Street Stops - Weekend 6/17

You can catch Sara on Mackinaw Island this Friday from 3 to 6 pm as part of the Lilac Festival. However, you'll have to pedal fast to catch her (no cars are allowed on the island so she's taking her bike w/ a bike trailer full of Smile goodies. We couldn't find her a green & purple horse to ride...LOL).

Sara will be hanging out at the Island Horse Stables for the annual blessing of the animals and the Jr. Horse people fundraiser.

4pm Feast of Epona Lemonade Sale & Stable Tour - Join the Mackinac’s youngest horsemen and women raise funds to benefit their equine programs. Mission Hill Stable

5pm Feast of Epona Blessing of the Animals - Join us as we bless the horses, dogs, turtles and more at this auspicious event. Mission Hill Stable. Presented by the Mackinac Island Horsemen’s Association and the Mackinac Island Dog & Pony Club.

Then Saturday Sara will be out at the Treetops for the Impact Music Festival fundraiser golf outing. We still have room for golfers!

Friday, June 03, 2011

RSVP to Casting Crowns & Win

Casting Crowns is making 2 stops in Michigan this August. RSVP to either show, invite your friends and get a chance to win tickets.

Step 1. Become a fan of Smile FM Radio Network on Facebook.

Step 2. RSVP to either Casting Crowns show in Saginaw or Lansing.

Step 3. Invite Friends
Step 4. Check in on Monday to find out if you are one of winners! Tickets go on sale on Monday for Casting Crowns.

Tickets for the Lansing show will be onsale Monday June 6th

Tickets for the Saginaw show will be onsale Friday June 10th