Monday, June 27, 2011

How to avoid moral failure

Wow!  This is refrigerator material.   5 easy things to do, to avoid moral failure by Pastor Shawn King/Atlanta.

1.. Multiple people have access to every account I own and check them often: Twitter (public and private tweets), Facebook, Email, etc.

Secrecy and privacy are the breeding ground for moral failure.  When we are confident that nobody will see our ugly side, it is much more tempting to dibble dabble in craziness.   If (former) Congressman Anthony Weiner knew that several aides were checking his Direct Messages, his inbox, etc. it would have been far less likely that his current scandal would have happened.

2. My wife is busy, but I regularly leave my cell phone with her when I’m not around. She looks at it.  She’s not obsessed with it, but I think she checks it out with a healthy level of skepticism.  Her skepticism does not irritate me.  She and I have seen friends and mentors and leaders walk right into the worst types of moral failure.  This level of transparency builds trust.

3. I generally don’t meet with any single person (male or female) privately anymore. I will meet with couples or small groups in my office, but now hold more meetings in restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

4. I stay with my family. We travel together as much as possible.  We run errands together.  We eat out together.  We go shopping together.  We stay home together.  Very rarely am I alone without one of the kids or my wife.  This keeps my mind centered, but also prevents me from having idle time that leads many folk to an unhealthy place.

5. I keep pictures of my wife and kids everywhere (particularly my son EZ) on the wallpaper of my cell phone, in my office, on the walls, on my desks, etc.  They serve as a constant reminder for me why I should have a good work ethic and fight to make healthy moral decisions.  I didn’t grow up with a dad that set a good example and I so badly want to be that guy for my son that his pictures always keep me focused and centered

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