Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brandon Heath takes High School teacher to Grammys

At the Grammy Awards last week, Brandon Heath
took his high school teacher as his special guest.
LOS ANGELES - The first time
Heath went to the
Awards, he was a freshman in high school.

The Nashville native auditioned for the first
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences,
Inc. "Grammy in the Schools" Jazz Choir by
submitting a video of himself performing a
Brooks song: "One Night A Day." Heath won, and
performed that year in New York at the Grammys, meeting Sting – and Brooks.

That was 18 years ago, and now, the Christian
singer with three Grammy nominations walking into
Sunday's Grammy Awards will have the woman
responsible for that first trip on his arm: his
Hillsboro High School music teacher, Bobby Jean Frost.

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