Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pure Freedom Update

It's official, Pure Freedom has been a big hit in Michigan!  One pastor's wife stated she took her younger daughters last year to Secret Keeper and thought it was great but after taking her older daughters to Pure Freedom, she stated the new show was AMAZING!  One of our Facebook friends stated, "My daughter and I have/had a "great" relationship before the event, this just confirmed for her that I know what I'm talkin about!" Some Cadillac girls left stating they were going to encourage some friends to make the drive to catch the Lansing show.

We saw lots of girls (& some moms too) make/renew commitments to Christ at both shows. Many shed a few tears, lots of laughs were shared in the crowd and everyone left with SMILES!  There is still some tickets left for our LAST show TONIGHT in Lansing.  Tickets can be purchased at the door at Mt. Hope Church beginning at 6 pm tonight.

Did we also mention that the Smile Prize Wheel will be up and running awarding some cool prizes.  The Smile Photo Booth has become a big hit with moms and girls. Both will be open before and during intermission at the show.  You may want to bring a few extra bucks so you can pick up some Smile Swag, all the proceeds go to help keep us on the air.

Here are a few pictures from the shows but see the complete albums at our Facebook pages.

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