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Mandisa-how i pray for my future husband

>Love this article written by singer Mandisa.

How I Pray for My Future Husband

If we've been friends on Facebook or Twitter long
enough, you know that I refer to myself as "Super
Single". Until recently I would often employ the
Twitter hashtags #SingleAwarenessMoment and
#SingleAwarenessDay for that special February
holiday. Can I be honest? I was bitter; often mad
at God for taking so long to introduce me to my
husband. Sometimes I would cry at night in
loneliness and ask God if there was something
wrong with me. Then I realized that there's
something wrong with everyone, so that's not why
I'm still single! God knows what He's doing and I trust Him.

There have been rare moments when some
"Extra-Grace-Required" person learns that I'm
single and before they think asks, "What's wrong
with you?" At those times I have often thought to
myself, "The same thing that's wrong with
everyone else in this world! We're human,
imperfect, and prone to sin...just like
YOU...sucka!" (See? That last little phrase is a
perfect indication of how easily I can wander
into flesh! God is still working on me!)

Thankfully, like the "Come Thou Fount" hymn
writer expressed, God can bind my wandering heart
to Him. I am thankful that our merciful Savior is
patient. If He were not, He'd have given up on me
long ago. But when He looks at me, He sees His
holy Son, and lavishes His blessings on me. While
my righteousness is like filthy rags (see Isaiah
64:6), I am clothed in the righteousness of
Christ (see Philippians 3:9) and pray to look more like Him each day.

James 5:16 tells us that God hears the prayers of
the righteous and that those prayers are powerful
and effective. So because my future husband falls
under the category of "human, imperfect, and
prone to sin", like me, I have made the choice to
pray for him regularly. I may not know who he is, but our Father does!

One of the most important ways I have learned to
pray is with scripture. I've heard Max Lucado say
that his wife prays Psalm 112 over him regularly,
so I decided to do the same for my future
husband. Here's an example of how I turn a few of
those verses from The Voice translation into prayers:

(From verse 1)
I praise You, Eternal God, for how You work in
the lives of Your children, including my future
husband. I pray that as You teach him how to
revere You, he will be blessed. Make him a man
who turns from evil and takes great pleasure in Your commandments.

(From verses 4 & 7)
Holy Spirit, when life is dark and difficult,
please shine a light and lead him to live
rightly­cultivate mercy, compassion and a pursuit
for justice in his heart. I pray that You would
build his faith; that he will not be afraid when
the news is bad because he has resolved to trust in You.

(From verses 8 & 10)
Create a confident and fearless heart in my
future husband, Eternal God. Make him Satan's
worst enemy and give him an expectation to see
the Enemy defeated! Strengthen him to resist the
devil and his wicked desires. May the demons
clench their teeth and dissolve to nothing as
they and their evil temptations flee from his
life because of the authority he wears in You, Lord!

In Jesus' Name...And all my single peeps said, AMEN!

After you share today's song and devotional for a
chance to with the prize pack below, drop back by
my FB post and leave me a comment. If you are
single, share how you turn verses 2, 3, 5, 6 or 9
into prayers for your future spouse. If you're
married, I'd love to hear what Bible verses and
other things you pray over your husband or wife.
And if you're a big, Black, Born-Again Believer
with a Bald-Head and a me!
Hehehehehe...just kiddin'...sort of. ;-)
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