Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mom's Chocolate Cake

I talk about it all the time on the Morning Espresso and I wish I could give everyone a piece, but how about the "recipe" or the closest thing to it.
Mom's Chocolate Cake*
3 boxes of cake mix
follow instructions, except only use 1/2 cup of water per mix and substitute the rest of the water with oil.
Follow the rest of the instruction on the mix. Mom uses 3 boxes of mix for her 2 layer cake. It's HUGE.
Frosting: Crisco, powdered sugar, vanilla, evaporated milk, baking cocoa or melted chocolate. Mix all that stuff together until it becomes frosting. Top with shaved chocolate
Sorry, I couldn't get actual measurements from my mom, she just does a little of this and and a lot of that!
If you would like to make one, I can taste it for you and let you know if you're getting close :-) - Jenn
* Also know as "Contraction Cake" as it once sent me to Labor and Delivery for contractions because I ate too much of it and caused the babies to do too many somersaults. Pregnant ladies, eat at your own risk. I'm not kidding!

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