Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How many different kinds of mom's are out there??

I'm hoping you can help me (Jenn) through a bit of an identity crisis. Being new to this mommy thing, I'm not sure what kind of mom I am. I just don't understand what being a "Stay at Home Mom" (SAHM) really means. Is it meant to imply that you stay home all day? Does it mean that you don't have a paying job? I really don't know many moms who work outside the home or not that stay home all day. So what is the correct title for a "Non-Stay at Home Mom?" and what does that really mean? Can you tell I'm starting to suffer from Cabin fever here?? See, I work in the mornings, but I also take my girls with me when I go to work, so they aren't exactly stay at home babies either. This is so confusing!

I think we need to come up with some new "titles" worthy of the huge task we as mom's are trying to accomplish. I am a "Take my Twinlets Everywhere I Go Kind of Mom" but "TMTEIGKOM" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. I'd love to know if you have any better ideas to help me through this mini-identity crisis. Thanks - Jenn


Anonymous said...

my idea for a stay at home mom title is Domestic engineer.

sbferg said...

I'm a dad, but I think Fulltime Mom, or Professional Mom would have the appropriate connotations.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think we should be content with the title "Mom". When you think about it, that single word encompasses virtually everything we try to break out into specialty titles. Every mom "works"; "stay-at-home-moms" don't necessary stay at home. . . Enough already! Moms are moms and do awful lot all day, every day; at work, at home, at school and everywhere in-between!

Anonymous said...

How about just "Woman"?

W- whatever
O- our
M- Master
A- Assigns
N- next

I work full time (outside the home), and care for my family full time. Each has daily challenges that need to be dealt with to His honor and glory. HE made me a woman, where-ever I go, and whatever I do. : )


Anonymous said...

It's all in the attitude honey!! You are taking care of God's property, whatever you call it--it rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, Twins are awesome aren't they!! I was lucky enough to have a 20 month old in diapers when the twins were born. Ha! 3 in diapers at the same time!!
When I was a "stay at home" mom, and I use the term loosely, since we never stayed home, I termed myself an Executive Associate in the field of Child Development Research. Those that wanted to put me in the category of "just a mom" didn't know what to make of that one. That always threw 'em for a loop! My husband started a trucking company during this time so I did my "real"(?) work after everyone was in bed.

Smile FM DJ's said...

Thanks for your input. Pam you're crazy! I couldn't have imagined going through a twin pregnancy while watching after a 1+ year old. I could hardly take care of my cats near the end of that pregnancy. Thankfully God does give you the strength to make it through! Twins are amazing and I really like it more as they get a little older. 4 months old is FUN. Jenn

Mamamia said...

HI Jenn! You're not the only one suffering from an identity crisis regarding your role in life and its title. I have two small children, work 8 hours/week with other Stay at Home Parents and am completing my MA program in Child Development at Michigan State. I have recently posted a survey for Stay at Home Parents... will gladly send you the link... AND have come up with a new term for Parents who compromise their career path to have time with their children- 'Contemparents'- no, not parents full of contempt but contemporary + parents! A great deal has changed since our Moms were home with us! Here's the link for any Stay at home Parent interested in getting the word out on the complexities of being a Stay at Home Parent today. Results will be used in research article as well as being presented at a Early Childhood Conference in Chicago. Thanks! Nickie Foley

Anonymous said...

I have 4 girls, now 15 to 21 years. Stay at home, I always seemed to be running somewhere. What about the old days when the mom was at home working all day with her kids. I think MOM is such a small word for such a big responsibility, but I don't think it can be improved on. I make no excuses, I am a mom. Thank you God for this blessing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a "working mom" the only differance is when I clock out at my paying job I clock in to a much more rewarding job and much more work than any 9-5 job I've EVER had!!!!! But from one working mom to another we'd never change a thing.