Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rate your faith walk; A personal Test

I found this in the book 77 Habits of Highly Inneffective Christians- Faron

This helpful scientific exam will aid you in evaluating your spiritual state of being.

1. The Bible is..
a. my guide
b. the Good book
c. on the coffee table under the newspaper

2. People know I am a Christian because...
a. I love God with all my being and others as myself
b. I got to church every Sunday, except when there is a big game on
c. there's a fish symbol on my car

3. I've talked to someone about Christ
a. in the last week
b. in the last year
c. in the last decade, if you count saying "god bless you" when someone sneezed

4. the biggest priorities in my life in order are
a. God, my family , my work
b. my family, God, my work
c. my work, my family, my stamp collection, my computer, God

5. The ultimate goal of my life is..
a. to hear God say "well done"
b. to lead others to Christ by words and example
c. to be happy

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