Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome Baby Elijah Michael Dempsey

Congratulations to Rob & Amy Dempsey (and big sis Amanda and big bro Spencer) on the adoption of Elijah Michael Dempsey on 11-16-09. They had beeen fostering Elijah since he was a newborn, thankfully were able to officially welcome him to their family today! Due to the sensitive nature of the foster care system, Rob was not able to talk much about Elijah living with them. They are thrilled to finally be able to share this news and pictures with friends and family everywhere! If you are a facebook member, you can see more pics here.


Anonymous said...

Good golly! JOY radiates off of that pic! Ya feel it on your insides!! AWESOMENESS!!

Faron Dice said...

Rob is my hero!

Faron (Diceman)

Erin said...

aww, thats so awesome!