Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Find the Smile FM Secret Agent Man.....

Pssst...if you are going to try to find the Smile FMSecret Agent at WinterJam here's a few things you should know;
You must say the phrase that pays,"Pssst, can I
tell you a secret?? I LOVE Smile FM!" directly to the Smile Secret Agent. No shouting it out in a crowd with a megaphone or passing out cards or anything of that sort....just say the phase that pays to everyone you pass and you just might find our Secret Agent and win yourself a sweet computer system with the Digital Praise Guitar Praise gaming system. Oh, one other thing, you can't ask, "Are you the secret agent?" because that just wouldn't be right now would it? "Pssst, can I tell you a secret?? I Love Smile FM!" is all you need to say.
Also if no one finds the Secret Agent the prize won't be awarded so make sure you get out there and find the Smile FM Secret Agent!

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