Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who Deserves a Getaway??

Do you know a special couple who puts everyone else before themselves? We would like to send one special couple to attend the Celebrate Your Marriage Conference on Mackinaw Island coming up this October. You can Nominate them now.
Winners will be announced on August 27th on the Morning Espresso at 7:20 AM. The grand prize winner will receive admission to the conference and a stay at Grand Hotel, plus meals. Plus we will be giving out many other Celebrate Your Marriage prizes!
You can only nominate one couple, but encourage their other friends to make a nomination as well!


Anonymous said...

what dates is the getaway for?

Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for Mike and Sue Peters

Angela S. said...

I wanted to vote for my Sister Alana and Brother in-law Vic Personius They both love the Lord and do so much in there community. My brother Vic has opportunities to minister to the people in his shop and has lead to men to the Lord! wow He asked my sister what words do I say because I get real nervous when I'm trying to lead someone to the Lord so she wrote out on paper what to say so he could lead this person to the Lord. Then he had another one and my sister said we have this Victory magazine and in the back of the magazine of Jesse Duplantis how to lead someone to the Lord so they could read it except Jesus as there savior so this his how my brother started to lead these men to the Lord and now my sister cuts out the Salvation prayer for her husband to take to work so he can use that as a tool to lead the men to the Lord. Now my sister is so full of love she just always wants to bless people who are in need or just thinks on how she can bless them weather she finds things at garage sales or crochets dishcloths to give away she is amazing she loves to be a servant and is always helping out those who are in need. She takes care of my mom and has his mother in-law with her and cares for her and also my mom's sister. She takes them to there doctors appointments takes there list of grochery and gets what they need. My sister and brother also bought 20 bibles for the children in our church that did not have one they said every child needs a bible to go too Sunday school. Each child not only received a bible but there names were embossed on the bibles they had the biggest smiles on there faces as they walked up to the front of the church to receive there newly embossed bibles. My sister also ministers to couple that are having a difficult time Gerry is very ill and his wife takes care of him 24hrs care for him. My sister will drop in and see them pray with them and give them a scripture to help them through there week. My sister and brother truly are servants of the Lord and they never tire. They are an Amazing couple. God Bless you Smile FM for all you do. Angela S.