Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wait No More - Adoption Conference

Jenn had a chance to talk to Katie Porter from Focus on the Family about the "Wait No More" adoption conference coming up this Saturday in Grandville, MI.  It's a FREE conference designed to help Christian families adopt available children from the Michigan Foster Care System.  Find out more or register for the conference:  http://bit.ly/iPONom  or listen to the interview from the Morning Espresso:  http://bit.ly/msPU56

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An Angel's Mom said...

Well!! I was heading to bed when I heard about this on the radio in my bedroom and even though I get up @ 5:45 am I had to get up and look this up.

I wish I could go to this confrence! I can not. However I have 6 children, one now 20, on his own 4 at home, 18,17,15 and 5 and one in full-time daycare with God now. 4 of my 6 children (middle 4) were adopted out of the State of Michigan Foster system. One was through our local Sault Tribe and 3 I found on MARE.org. This was over 11 years ago!
I am truly blessed as a mother and I am writing to THANK YOU all for bringing such a positive light and making people aware of all our waiting children. We have thought of adopting more children, but the 5 years of our daughter being sick was so hard on us all that we have spent the last 3 years consentrating on our other 5. We still may at some point, and I hope many, many more families do. I love to talk about my adoptive experiences and wish I could be there for this meeting.
Bless you so much!
Joy Anderson- Sault Ste. Marie,MI