Monday, July 14, 2014

Thank you, Hollywood.

My fellow church-goers, and I have criticized you a lot on the
past. We've had a holy-than-thou attitude towards you. Some of our
best preachers have preached against you, and even accused you of
being "godless" and going straight to hell. WOW. In hindsight now,
I wouldn't blame you if had decided that you didn't want anything to
do with us. Still, it seems that you didn't take it
personally. While we were putting you down, you turned the other
cheek and have now brought us some amazing movies in 2014. Movies
that we can go and see, and not complain about. Like Son of God,
Heaven is for Real, and now Moms Night Out. (Even Noah wasn't all
that bad.) I just wanted to say "thanks." You didn't have to do it
but you did. You didn't have to learn our special Christian nuances
and standards, but you did. Maybe you aren't so evil after all? So
again I say, thanks! And keep 'em coming!

Thoughts from Faron Dice

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pklein said...

Have you heard the song, "Dear Hollywood" by Anthem Lights? It is about disappointment in the entertainment industry and what they COULD be doing.