Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Czelada Twinlets turn 3 months!!!

Halle & Hosanna at 2 Months

Halle - Just Chillin

Hosanna Smiles

Girls in their Bumbo Seats

Snuggle Bunnies at 1 Month Old

Hallelujah -1 Month

Hosanna - 1 Month

Tired Girls - 1 Month Old

Thanks for looking at our pictures. We'll have their 3 month pictures back shortly. Candy is the official photographer of the Czelada Twinlets. She works at the Olan Mills studio in Lapeer which is located inside the K Mart Store. She does an awesome job! You can reach her at (810) 667-2922.


Tam said...

The girls are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Anonymous said...

how adorable! they are simply gorgeous babies!!! Jenn&Ed, you two have been seriously blessed with Halle and Hosanna, may your blessings continue to grow with your precious little girls.

Anonymous said...

I have just found you guys on the web. It is so good to put a face with your voices. The twins are adorable! I really enjoy listening to Expresso in the mornings. It helps me to have patience while I get my four kids out the door for school and it also calms me after they leave. I also love coffee so I love the name.

Anonymous said...

Halle and Hosanna, beautiful names for adorable girls. Thanks for the picture Jenn.
No one has to wonder how much they are loved when they hear you express the everyday joy of loving parents (Ed and Jenn). Thank you for sharing with us. They are blessed also to have your great staff around them, how awesome. Everyone of you are unique in your own way. Thank you for the "Positive Hits" and the love and encourgement that you put forth for the Lord. What a Blessing.

Anonymous said...

Heard about the twins and was curious as our twin boys will be 1 in May....certainly changes your life. Thanks for the photos on the web, it is nice to put a face with the voice. Also enjoyed your comments about SAHM...my friend is working on a survey to discuss just that contemparent is one term she was kicking around, I've emailed her the link, so she can respond directly. Thanks for your station, its nice to turn on and know that good vibes will be playing. Stephanie, mom to Audrey (almost 3),Brennan & Colin (10 months)