Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How do you click??

In honor of the passing of the father of the remote control, we wonder how you click when you get in a bind??

A. Tear the house apart until you find the remote

B. Manually change the TV at the set

C. Use your kids as human Remote control

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Anonymous said...

Frist! I wonder when the remote will have the technology to tell me where it is.
Second! Laugh at myself for thinking I would remember who and where they put it (smile).
Third! go back to before tech and change it myself.
So much for "High Tech"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I use the kids to tear apart the house to find the remote. We actually have 3. 2 for my husband and kids and 1 for me and woe to anyone that loses mine!! The kids are allowed to use dad's and they are all equal when it comes to losing them!

Anonymous said...

Dad has everybody search the house
The kids do manual..so much easier!
Mom makes the kids do the dirty work & find it

Anonymous said...

i deff. go on a crazy remote rampage till its found. to me the effort needed to change the channel w/out the remote isnt worth it! why work harder when u can work smarter

Unknown said...

Well, we used to casually look for the remote, while changing channels manually, but now we don't watch t.v., so that kind of took care of that.