Monday, June 23, 2008

George's Midlife Crisis

Some say its a midlife crisis, some say its a new toy... but I say its a very stylish way to save 20 MPGs baby! Besides, now I don't have to stick my head out the car window to get a little wind whipping through my hair!

The details:
-1999 Honda Shadow Aero
-1100cc's of pure power
-Green with black paint
-Whitewall tires (retro)
-Sounds like a Harley, but without the vibrations and the oil leaks!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Nice ride George!! I have a 02 Shadow Spirit (bought new) and I am LOVIN' it!! BTW you are still a youngster - I'm 56!! I have been riding since 1974, am a member of the Christian Motorcyclist Association - Spirit Warriors chapter in Clarkston and expect to keep on going for a long time yet. Ride Safe!!