Saturday, June 07, 2008

Smile FM banned words and phrases

The Diceman is demanding that we create a list of banned words and phrases for Smile FM. (Years ago there was a list of the 7 dirty words that were not allowed on broadcast radio and TV...that doesn't seem to be the rule anymore) Anyway, the Diceman has his own ideas about the Smile FM list of banned words. Since we are the positive hits station, he wants these words and phrases banned: (Let him know if you have anything to add to the list)

-I can't
-I give up
-it's never been tried before
-it's too hard
-i'm not good enough


Anonymous said...

I suggest we ban, "__blank___ is the new ___blank_____." For example, Toby Mac says that "Pink is the new black." But now "Brown is the new Pink." So does that mean that "Brown is really the new Black?" It's so confusing! Jenn

Anonymous said...

it is a good word to get rid of!


Anonymous said...

Hate, shut-up, stupid, dumb are all words that we do not allow to be said in our home.
Fat is another word we should think about banning. Too many people are concerned with weight opposed to being concerned with good health.