Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Ticket still looking for a few good volunteers

The Big Ticket Festival is looking for some set up and tear down volunteers.

The shifts are as follows:

Monday: 9am-6pm
Tuesday: 9am-6pm
Wednesday: 9am-6pm
Thursday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 10:30pm-3:30am
Sunday: 9am-6pm

We are looking for people who can work hard putting together staging and other set up- tear down needs for the big ticket. All these positions require physical labor.

If a person works a shift they will receive a one day ticket for that day they work. So... One day of work = one day ticket, two days of work = two day ticket and three days of work = three day ticket.

Most our volunteer positions require someone to work during the festival. What is nice about these positions is that someone can work and still make it to the entire festival.

If someone is interested please call 989-731-2808 or e-mail us at

We would need to know by the end of the day on Friday.

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