Monday, November 03, 2008

Meet my embryos - Post from Jenn

I don't consider myself very politically minded, so the idea of me doing a "commentary" is almost ridiculous, however as an "infertility survivor" and now a mom, Proposal 2 has really struck a nerve. Ouch!

In the picture you can see our beautiful embryos, on the right Hosanna and Hallelujah ( who are now 2 years old,) and on the left a future brother or sister now in storage in the deep freeze (Brrrr). Embryos are the beginning of human life and should be treated with a great deal of care and respect.

1 in 10 couples will face infertility in their lifetimes. As the number of couples dealing with infertility increases, so will the need for donor embryos. Right now, Embryo Adoption is just in its infancy (pardon the pun). It is still on fuzzy legal ground as there have not been many cases that deal with the rights and custody of embryos. Even so, the demand for embryos for the purpose of family building is still higher than the supply of embryos available for adoption. If proposal 2 passes and more embryos are used for research, the supply of those available for adoption will become even smaller. It's a simple problem of supply and demand.

As someone who has had to rely on fertility treatments to build our family, I am amazed by the miracle of life and the power of technology. I'm not going to get into the debate of whether embryos are life or pre-life, but I know they have the power to become life, a human life; a kicking, screaming, running, playing, giggling kind of life. Scientists have many other options for collecting and growing stem cells to use for research; options that do not destroy a potential life in the process.

I'd encourage you to carefully consider all aspects of Proposal 2 before you go to the polls this election day. And remember, embryos are people too.... at least potential people...all they need is a warm womb (and maybe some pickles and ice cream)! And chances are that you know a few people who started off as embryos...oh yeah, that would be all of us. I'm just blessed enough to have pictures of my little embryos! Jenn - from the Morning Espresso.

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