Wednesday, November 26, 2008

George's Big Buck Contest

Another batch of our Big Bucks.... just check out these proud hunters! Be sure to scroll down for more pics in other blog entries!

WINNER: Best Bow Hunt

Here is David Hicks from Riverdale and his beautiful 10pt he took on Oct 7th with his bow. Nice! It has an overall spread of 18 inches!

Here is Randy Peterson's deer. It was taken in St. Johns, Michigan with a shotgun on November 20th. It had 9 points, a 14 inch spread, and weighed a ton (at least that's what it felt like!).

Here is a nice looking deer that 13yr old Tyler Wixtrom from Bath took. It is Tyler's second buck and he took it up near Republic, MI... (near Marquette for those of you who live south of the bridge!) It is a 140 pound 8 point with 2 half in. points.

You may recognize this hunter---She is none other than Susan Sherrill-Trott. Susan hosts the PBS show Great Lakes Outdoors with her husband Rob. She is a fan of SMILE FM & wanted to share her spike horn buck with us! It is apx 3 yrs old at 170 lbs. It was taken near Curran, MI.


This is Rob Trott, TV host for Great Lakes Outdoors. His deer wat taken near Curran, MI and is quite special.
It is a piebald buck and sported a 6 pt rack. Almost 90% white and no abnormalties. Thanks for sharing this one with us Rob!

WINNER: Best Female Hunt

Sarah Palin has nothing on Ruth Gee! She took this 8 pt Buck opening morning in Montcalm County. The buck was nicknamed "Goliath" and has an 18 1/2" spread! She loves hunting and Smile FM concerts too!


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