Wednesday, November 19, 2008

George's Big Buck Contest

More pics of Big Bucks submited by Smile FM listeners! All submissions must be taking in 2008. Please send info with your pic to to enter. List name, addy, info about the buck, and why you love SMILE FM!
Steve Nelson bagged this bugger just north of Mio hunting on a Saturday morning. It took him over 6 hours to track it down, but well worth it! Dressed weight is apx 150lbs.

Jeff Biddinger and his son Braydon took this nice looking 8pt buck . Jeff is proud to bring Braydon huting with him this season. Way to go!

Here is Keith Kiffer and his 8pt he bagged opening day. It has a 13" spread and is a real beauty!
Scott Johnson and his 8yr old son Ethan love to hunt together. They took this buck on opening day near Mayville where they live. It is a 8 point with a 16 1/2" spread. It weighed 180 lbs. dressed weight.
This is 13 yr old Dean Wilson from Central Lake, MI with his first buck on opening morning! Boy, was he excited!!
WINNER: Best Youth Hunt Boy
That is, until.... Dean went out for a second time later that day and scored this HUGE 7 point buck on the run.! He said" I will never forget this day ever!"

WINNER: Best Buck Overall
Alan Becker says he as been a Smile FM listener since "the light" days! He harvested this nice buck in the Potterville area, with a shotgun, early Sunday morning (8:15).The buck weighed 170# field dressed and has 10 points! Way to go!

Beth Gunnell from Mt. Morris snagged her first Buck! She is pretty excited (and I see why!) Taken with a 20GA mossberg 500, it was a 5 point almost a 6 about 145 lbs and 1 1/2 years old.

WINNER: Best Youth Hunt Girl
Taylor Lange is a 13 year old girl that took this
Buck during youth hunt in Dewitt! Great job Taylor!


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