Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gay Rights Protesters Interrupt Services at Mt. Hope Church in Lansing

Mt. Hope Church in Lansing had an usually large number of visitors to their Sunday service. The group of gay protesters decided to start interrupting the service.

According to a report on the Bash Back group's news site, protesters inside the church pulled a fire alarm, unfurled a banner from the church balcony, shouted and threw fliers to the worshipers.

Outside the church, protesters carried picket signs and an upside-down, pink cross.

The conservative RightMichigan Web site posted an account of the incident Monday, and a number of conservative bloggers had picked up on the item by Tuesday.

Thoughts, comments? We have a lot of listeners that attend Mt. Hope, anyone witness the event?? Feel free to post your comments online or tell us your story on our Studio line, 888-887-7139 ext 4.


upnorthgirl said...

Hi, I don't usually comment on blogs, but I really feel for the people at Mt.Hope. My first thought was... grrr, leave them alone, but remembered Jesus saying in the Bible that if you follow him, expect to be persecuted, but to remember that it's not you, but God who is being persecuted.Before today, I didn't know there was a church called Mt Hope, as I live in Northern Michigan, but I'm comforted to know that I have a set of brothers and sisters who are truly following their Father, and bringing glory to his kingdom. And I know this is true because this protest group wouldn't even have considered disrupting that Church if the people weren't completely Christ centered. I'm also thankful no one was hurt. God was glorified in this incident. Praise God for the truth... and a message to all Christians, don't be ashamed to stand up for your beliefs.

googler said...

Yes, expect people to persecute you, but we need to love everyone no matter what lifestyle they choose. Most "Christians" don't like gays. No, the people didn't have to interupt the service but they could have let Mt Hoper's know in a different way that Mt hoe people are wrong for judging them. I wonder how DW reacted to the interuptions. We all know how he HATES interuptions.