Friday, April 27, 2012

Are you a high maintenence wife?

Lori Phillips
BellaOnline's Marriage Editor


Are You a High Maintenance Wife?


A high-maintenance wife can take a toll on a marriage. Are you helping or hurting with your demands?

1. Your anniversary is coming up. You…

a. know he’ll forget so you buy yourself a nice gift from him.
b. expect him to disappoint you with cliché gifts like roses or candy. *sigh*
c. don’t get too worked up about gifts. After all, you need to watch your budget.
d. plan on throwing a fit if he gives you anything less than pricey jewelry.

2. You’ve both had a bad day, so you…
a. pick up some take-out and veg in front of an episode of House together.
b. vent your frustrations on him, telling him the details of your day. That’s what a spouse is for!
c. suggest a soak in the hot tub and give each other neck rubs.
d. demand that he take you out to dinner. Or else he can cook today.

3. Your car broke down—again—and turns out it just needs gas. You…
a. call him to let him know what happened. He volunteers to pick you up and you say thanks darling!
b. call him for help. What are you supposed to do now? You’re late for work!
c. hope he won’t find out that you forgot to watch the gas gauge again!
d. call him immediately to snipe. He’s supposed to keep your tank full and he’d better get over here quick with a can of gas!

4. He planned on going fishing early with the guys next Saturday but you’re having some gal pals over and need his help getting the place ready. You…
a. ask him to help you the night before. He can clean his own mess at least.
b. beg him to reschedule or skip the trip. You can’t throw this party by yourself!
c. wish him well. After all, this is your shindig, not his.
d. insist that he delay his departure until the house is cleaned and ready to go.

5. On an average day, you phone him…
a. once to let him know when you’re on your way home.
b. at least three times a day. Just to hear his voice or tell him something about your day.
c. less than once a day. You don’t want to interrupt his work.
d. four or more times a day. You have to remind him to pick up the dry cleaning or groceries on the way home or else he’ll forget.

6. Sometimes, you think your kids…
a. make private time hard, and it’s impossible to find the energy to connect with him.
b. should be shipped off to relatives as often as possible. Everyone needs a break to be better parents.
c. are tangible proof of your love. They drive you nuts but they come first until they can take care of themselves.
d. take his attention away from you. He takes good care of them, but who’s going to take care of you?

7. He planned a romantic night out, but he forgot your stomach can’t handle spicy Indian food and that you don’t like shoot ‘em up action flicks. As usual, it was all about what he likes. You…
a. thank him for the thought then quiz him about your likes and dislikes are.
b. give him the silent treatment. He needs to figure out where he went wrong.
c. laugh at his boyishness. He has a lot to learn about romance and it’s about time you taught him.
d. let him know clearly that you are peeved. He didn’t think about you at all and now he owes you another night out.

Mostly A answers: You seem to have a healthy balance of self-reliance and relationship connection. Your spouse doesn’t feel suffocated by your needs yet still enjoys intimacy and closeness with you.

Mostly B answers: You may not realize it, but your self-centeredness shows up in those “little” demands and expectations you make on your spouse. Feigned or real helplessness adds extra stress on your spouse, and he might tire of it sooner or later.

Mostly C answers: You are the quintessential “low” maintenance woman. While most men would find you an easy-going spouse, there’s nothing wrong with asking for what you deserve, on occasion. Otherwise, people—including your spouse—can lose respect for you.

Mostly D answers: It’s, no doubt, obvious to you that you are high maintenance. The thing is that you’re probably proud of it, too. Let’s hope your husband has a sick need to cater to your whims because other people find it hard to be around you.



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