Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bowl-a-thon to raise money for abortion?

WOW! I realize this stuff happens, but it
disturbs me when I actually see an ad like this!

>'Bowling for abortion' raises $400,000
>(<> –
>People seldom associate the bowling alley with
>the abortion alley, but an annual "bowling for
>abortion" event has raised more than $400,000 to
>fund abortions across the country.
>The National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon
>itself as "a nationwide series of local events
>that allow community members (you!) to captain
>your own bowling team, participate in a kickass
>national event– and raise money to help women
>and girls pay for abortions they couldn't
>otherwise afford." In addition offering partial
>funding for abortions, the proceeds "buy bus or
>plane tickets, and even offer a place to stay
>for those who have to travel for an abortion."
>As of this writing, the group has raised more than $401,000.
>A total of
>bowl-a-thons, from Rhode Island to California,
>are scheduled in the last two weeks of April.
>Those in other locations can take part in a
>bowl-a-thon on April 30.
>On Sunday, there will also be one
>golf-a-thon. Last year, the D.C. HOLE-a-thon
>raised $28,000 for abortions in the nation's
>capital. This year, its goal is $40,000.
>Some engage in
>priests and nuns with their costumes.
>Some participants
>along. Others
>"abortion stops a beating heart."
>According to its
>kit the bowl-a-thons' beneficiary, the National
>Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), is "an
>affiliation of more than 100 grassroots abortion
>Funds in 40 states in the United States, as well
>as Funds in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and online."
>Last year, NNAF distributed more than $2.9
>million last year to pay for 21,000 women to
>have abortions. Its
>Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund "provides funding
>to women seeking later abortion care."
>"Over the past two months, more than 75% of the
>calls we received were from women who were 16
>weeks or further into their pregnancy," the foundation states.
>The fund concentrates its work on "women living
>in the South," as well as "women in prison,
>immigrant women, very young women and girls, and
>women for whom English is a second language."

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Anonymous said...

Waiting for a comment? This is absolutely WRONG! I can think of so many other things that much money could be used for. For example, helping women who are seeking to murder their unborn BABY choose LIFE!